Favourite quotes  (1.12)

“Madness is somewhere between chaos and having a dream.”

                   – R.M Drake 

 Tell me about your dreams in the comment section. Tell me what us that one thing which makes you get up and work hard. 

Also do share your thoughts, rants and everything under the sun with me. Let’s spread some shine!

It’s a rant. 

I am such a mess. But, I am too into this. And nowadays, I don’t even feel like smiling. There are a lot of thing to be happy and feel blessed for. But how am I supposed to battle myself? I don’t seem to be anywhere near my expectations with myself. And nobody seems to understand. I have to be there for everyone but whenever I talk about my dreams they don’t like it. 

I am breathing and living for just one cause. There is nothing else which I talk about. There is nothing else that crosses my mind. Every minute I am dying to be what I have dreamt to be. And they just say that I am too ambitious, that my dreams are too big. 
You know what? Screw these people. I am gonna go out there and work for everything I want in life. It’s better to be a bitch than a mouse. I am gonna leave all this behind and rise so above that I can’t even hear to all these trivial people here. I am gonna dedicate every breath, every moment, every thought to this one ambition and nurture it like no one else ever has. 
I might feel alone once in a while. But it is always better to be alone than to be with people who belittle your ambitions. 

I am gonna stay strong. 

This is the first time I have posted a random rant. I am sorry for spamming all your feeds. It’s just not a great time in my life. You guys can DM on Snapchat (jahnaviddesai), Instagram (desaijahnavi) or email (jahnaviddesai@yahoo.com)

I love you all!

Guest post  (1.1) The unending skies

Here is something very special for all of you! One of my favourite bloggers, Soumyadeep Mukherjee very kindly has given me some of his work to post here. 

You can read his work on here

A presentation on the never ending dynamism of water beaded up there in the skies.

Blood hibiscus falling,

yields a pulpous dew.

Rainbowed mist

scrapes vapors in view.

A new realm

pops out a heavenly-matte.

White to the eye

watery this, thirsty that.

Stars wherein-

their tears they shed.

Blood hibiscus rise

wherever they bled.

Blood hibiscus falling,

yields a pulpous dew.

Rainbowed mist,

once again,

scrapes vapors in view.


©Soumyadeep Mukherjee, 2017. 

Never felt better!

This is huge. I logged in here after so long look what was waiting for me. 500 likes. 200 people in my family now. Thank you so much each and every one of you out there reading my work!

I know I haven’t been updating much lately because of my Pre-Med preparation and college and everything else! But thank you for still rooting for me every single time. 

You guys are a big part of my life! And I hope to always match up to your expectations. 

Also I have another idea. I was thinking about posting my everyday experiences here. Like, how my day was, what all went through my head, everything. Let me know if it is fine with you guys in the comment section. 

I love you all!

Scribble (1.4)

‘She is a soldier.

He is a nurse. 

She is 40 and unmarried.

He is a single dad.

She lives in with her girlfriend.

He is a ballet dancer. 

She owns a company. 

He left his job to travel the world. 

She is a weight lifting champion.

He cries during movies. 

She has got tattoos all over body.

He wears pink. 

She is fine. He is fine.

Are we?’

           ~sparklingeyesandabeatingheart                               (Jahnavi Desai)

These scribbles are about things which impact me the most. Hope you guys are enjoying these! 

Feedback is welcome.

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Thanks for reading! 

Love you all. 

Scribble  (1.3)

‘She is like sand. Sparkly and sunshiny.

Hold her too loose, she will never stay.

Hold her too tight, she will slip away.’

          ~sparklingeyesandabeatingheart                                  (Jahnavi Desai)

This is again a new category where I will share my thoughts and aspirations using very less words.

I hope all of you like this new idea. Do give me your feedback on the comment section.